Digital products and services

Products and services
  • Pneumatic Sizing
  • FluidDraw 6 Professional (GSWF)
  • Handling Guide Online
  • Cabinet Guide Online for water technology
  • Camera Configuration Studio
  • Schematic Solution for EPLAN projects
  • Festo Automation Suite
  • Festo Projects
  • Smartenance – mobile digital maintenance management
  • Dashboard for energy efficiency module MSE6-E2M
  • Dashboard for valve terminal CPX-MPA
  • Festo Cloud and dashboard Festo IoT gateway CPX-IOT


New digital products and services

Grippers inspired by nature

Adaptive shape gripper
  • Adaptive shape gripper DHEF
  • Flexible gripper finger DHAS-GF


New grippers

Pneumatic drives and systems

Pneumatic drives and systems
  • Mini slide DGST
  • Linear drive DLGF
  • Compact cylinder AEN-S/ADN-S
  • Stopper cylinder DFST
  • Servo-pneumatic drive solution YHBP for all types of balancers

New pneumatic drives and systems

Electric automation

Electric automation
  • Modular control system CPX-E-CEC-M1
  • Remote I/O series CPX-E
  • Powerful decentralised I/O system CPX-AP-I
  • Servo drive CMMT-AS
  • Servo drive CMMT-ST
  • Servo motors EMMT-AS and EMMB-AS
  • Spindle and toothed belt axes ELGC and mini slide EGSC
  • Cantilever axis with toothed belt ELCC
  • Rack and pinion axis EHMH
  • Electric cylinder EPCC
  • Electric standard gripper EHPS
  • Fieldbus node CTEU-VN
  • Spindle and toothed belt axes ELGS-BS/-TB
  • Mini slide EGSS
  • Toothed belt axis ELGE-TB
  • Electric cylinder EPCS
  • Rotary drive ERMS


New electric automation products

Valves and valve terminals

New valve products
  • Valve terminal VTSA-F-CB
  • Manually and mechanically actuated valves VHEF/VMEF
  • Valve terminal VTUG with plug-in in control cabinets
  • Valve terminal MPA-S
  • Proportional flow control valve VEMD
  • Proportional valve VPWS
  • Suction cup OGVM


New valves and valve terminals

Air preparation and connection technology

Air preparation and connection technology
  • regulator and filter regulator MS2
  • Stainless steel fittings NPQR
  • Energy efficiency module MSE6-C2M
  • Energy efficiency module MSE6-D2M


New air preparation and connection technology products

Sensors and image processing systems

New sensors and image processing systems
  • Optoelectronic sensors SOOE
  • Optoelectronic sensors SOOD
  • Flow transmitter SFTE
  • Flow sensor SFAH
  • Position transmitter and proximity sensor SDAS-MHS
  • Smart camera SBRD
  • Connecting cables NEBB
  • USB IO-Link® master CDSU-1


New sensors and image processing systems

Process automation

New process automation products
  • quarter turn actuator DFPD
  • Closed-loop-controlled linear actuator DFPI
  • Filter regulator PCRP
  • Filter regulator LFR-…-EX4
  • Analogue CPX module, HART-compatible, 4 channels
  • Pinch valve VZQA
  • Ball valve actuator units VZBM


New process automation products

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