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Air guns LSPWith the low consumption air guns LSP-C and LSP-D you can blow compressed air onto a wide range of objects. With the optimised lever operation you can carry out the precise, infinitely variable metering of the flow rate. The air gun nozzles LPZ can be exchanged, depending on the application. In classic applications, air blow guns can be connected to spiral tubing (e. g. PUN-S) and safety couplings (e. g. NPHS). In harsh environments, it is recommended to use the sturdy aluminium version LSP-D.
Air nozzles LPZThe thread attachment for the low consumption air guns LSP-C and LSP-D allows you to change the air gun nozzle at any time according to your requirements. The LPZ-SD is the right choice for you if you need a targeted, strong air jet with an air protection screen for chips and dust as well as a low noise level. The LPZ-LD, on the other hand, impresses with its powerful, point-shaped air jet, which is perfectly suited for blowing out, drying and cooling large surfaces. The two nozzles LPZ-RG and LPZ-RB help you to aim the air blow jet specifically at points that are difficult to access.