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Selection Guide

Pneumatic mufflers

AMTEThe compact silencers AMTE-H and AMTE-LH made of sintered metal are ideal to reduce the noise level at exhaust ports of pneumatic systems with tight installation conditions.
UThe polymer silencer U is a classic amongst silencers. An extremely high flow rate allows you to quickly exhaust your systems. The sturdy metal U-B variant lends itself to harsher applications.
UCThe polymer silencer UC is particularly well-suited for the world of valves. Its considerable silencing power allows you to lower the noise level of your systems significantly.
UOThe silencer UO is required for the vacuum generators VN.
UOS-1The silencer UOS-1 is used for the soft-start function and the safety exhaust valve MS6-SV.
UOM, UOMSThe silencer extensions UOM and UOMS are used for the vacuum generators VN.