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Ball valves VAPBThe maintenance-free nickel-plated brass ball valve VAPB can be used for simple applications as well as for more demanding ones, such as with steam. The corrosion resistance is increased by adding nickel. As a 2/2-way version with an ISO 5211 head flange, the VAPB can be automated easily and safely with the quarter turn actuators DAPS or DFPD. The low breakaway torques allow a compact quarter turn actuator to be used. It can also be used manually by attaching a hand lever from the series VAOH series.
Ball valves VZBGThe polymer standard ball valve VZBG is suitable for numerous applications, from simple shut-off valves to fully automated ones, even in highly demanding processes. This 2/2-way ball valve is an innovative addition to the Festo product range and covers various applications in the plastics industry. The 546 type is modular, flexible and provides a high degree of quality. With the different materials and the variety of connecting pieces, almost all plastic connection methods can be used. The different types of machining result in the ball having a linear, adjustable characteristic or a standard flow characteristic with full passage of the nominal width of the pipe. The ISO 5211 interface makes the ball valve perfectly suited for automation using quarter turn actuators.
Ball valves and ball valve actuator units VZBCThe flanged ball valve VZBC in compact design and with short installation length provides an alternative to the usual flanged ball valves for use in piping with flanged ends. Its small size means it needs less space when installed in the piping. And as less material is used, it is also lower in weight. Pre-assembled with the pneumatic quarter turn actuator DAPS, the ball valve actuator unit VZBC offers an optimal solution for the automation of ball valves.
Ball valves and ball valve actuator units VZBAThe stainless steel ball valve in a 2/2-way and 3/2-way version is used in numerous process and industrial automation applications. The three-piece 2/2-way ball valve enables simple maintenance, even with end pieces welded into the piping. The 3/2-way ball valve with L- and T-bore of the ball is suitable for switching two media circuits as well as for mixing two types of media. The stainless steel ball valves are installed in the piping and can be operated using a hand lever or, thanks to the ISO 5211 head flange, automated with a pneumatic quarter turn actuator. The ball valve actuator units VZBA are pre-assembled with both double-acting and single-acting quarter turn actuators DAPS and ensure optimal and safe switching, even under difficult conditions.
Ball valve actuator units VZPR The pre-assembled ball valve actuator unit VZPR with the brass ball valve VAPB offers a simple and reliable solution for automating ball valves with an ISO 5211 head flange with a pneumatic quarter turn actuator. The ball valve actuator unit VZPR is the optimal combination of the nickel-plated brass ball valve VAPB with low torques and the double-acting pneumatic quarter turn actuator DAPS.
Ball valves VZBEThe stainless steel ball valves VZBE with threaded connections according to ANSI B.1.20.1 are used wherever the international pipe connection NPT is used. The 2/2-way and 3/2-way versions with ISO 5211 head flanges enable quick, easy and safe automation with pneumatic quarter turn actuators. The 3/2-way version also allows two media circuits to be controlled and connected or two types of media to be mixed. The ball valves can also be operated manually with the lockable hand levers of the series VAOH for VZBE. The manual 2/2-way ball valve without an ISO 5211 head flange rounds off the series VZBE with NPT connections.
Ball valves VZBFThe stainless steel ball valve VZBF with flange connections according to ANSI B.16.5 class 150 and installation length ANSI B.16.10 is ideal for use in demanding applications. The fire-safe design of the 2/2-way ball valve guarantees increased safety. The anti-static control shaft also allows it to be used in potentially explosive environments. The two-piece ball valve VZBF in "split-body" design is easy to service. The ISO 5211 attachment flange allows the VZBF to be automated easily and directly. A mounting kit DARQ can be installed between the quarter turn actuator and ball valve if necessary.
Ball valves VZBDThe stainless steel ball valves VZBD are perfectly suited for use in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry as they combine all the required characteristics for these demanding applications. For parts that come into contact with the product, the standard version uses elastomers that are approved by the FDA and USP. To reduce the dead space behind the ball, the ball of the VZBD is sheathed in two PTFE half shells known as cavity fillers. This prevents medium from entering the cavity (dead space) between the ball and housing, thus preventing the cross-contamination of media when these are changed during the process. Another special feature of the ball valve VZBD is that there is no reduction between the connection ends and ball, which is also called a "full bore".
Ball valves VZBMThe nickel-plated brass ball valves of the series VZBM are used in process automation and industrial automation applications. In addition to the 3/2-way ball valve with L- and T-bore, the 2/2-way ball valve with ISO 5211 head flange is part of the automated version of the VZBM. Without an ISO 5211 head flange, the 2/2-way ball valve is a manual and universally usable ball valve. It is characterised by its lightweight design and the DVGW gas and water approval.
Ball valves QHThe brass ball valve QH is an all-rounder. Its three-piece design makes it a heavy version of a nickel-plated brass ball valve. As a 2/2-way ball valve with manual operation and threads according to ISO 228, it is often used in industrial automation applications.