Festo Experience Center

Look into future, turn creative ideas into reality

Festo Experience Centre (FEC) set test, experiment, demonstration and training functions in one. It provides you an industrial environment supported by Festo pneumatic, electric equipment and technicians. The applications displayed here range from automotive, light assembly and electronic, food and beverage packaging, life science to water and process treatment. We have not only the strong automation solution capability, but also an automation laboratory for test and innovation. By 2019, Festo has established four experience centers in greater China, they are located in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Taipei.

Festo experience center provides you with:

Industry application demonstration

  • If you are first introduced to Festo products, you can learn about what products and solutions that Festo can offer from some basic application demonstrations.
  • If you are non-professional, you can learn about the concept of Festo brand, and what service Festo can provide in non-automation fields as well as in education and training field.

Application-specific reliability testing

  • For customers already familiar with Festo products. Such customers often have their own unique problems to be solved in production and manufacturing. Festo can provide customers with tests and get test reports by offering their own solutions and taking similar solutions in the experience center as the platform, so as to enhance customers' confidence in choosing and using Festo products and solutions.

Jointly develop innovative applications

  • For customers who trust Festo and are willing to work with Festo to develop and solve their own engineering problems. For the products and applications commonly used in the market and can not meet their requirements for automatic production, such customers must use innovative solutions to explore solutions. Through providing specific engineering strength and customized innovation platform or application, the experience center has reached a good cooperative relationship with such customers in order to make common progress.

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