Electrical positioning system: Optimized Motion Series

Electrical positioning system

Optimized Motion Series: you can automate simple positioning tasks with this package consisting of mechanical components, controller and software. It’s easy to configure – and it’s less expensive than conventional electric solutions.

Optimized Motion Series – high-performance package

Electrical positioning system – simple, quick and low-cost: motor, motor controller and cable are configured as a package and ordered with a single type code. Parameters and commissioning are set up in a web browser.

Simple processing:

  • A single type code for product selection, ordering and configuration
  • Ideal combination of mechanical actuator and motor
  • Best value for the money

Ready to use immediately:

  • Set up motion and positions via Web-Config
  • Quick and easy operation and commissioning
  • Freely selectable: position, force, speed and motion profiles

Optimized Motion Series with configuration via Web-Config

An Optimized Motion Series package is ready for operation in no time flat, because it’s easy to configure with the included Web-Config software installed on the motor controller. Actuator-specific parameter records for predefined and tested combinations can be found on Festo’s parameter cloud. With Web-Config, you get the data required for basic functions straight from the the server. This enables you to quickly parameterize up to 7 freely definable positions.

The motor controller CMMO-ST is set up in four steps with Web-Config:

1) Connect the CMMO-ST to the PC via the Ethernet port.

2) Download the parameters file for configuration from Festo’s parameters cloud.

3) Save the data record on the CMMO-ST.

4) Home the actuator system, enter the position sets and save them in the CMMO-ST.

Well-matched, cost-effective components

Linear gantry plus rotary axis

 Optimized Motion Series: multi-axis solution

Inexpensive multi-axis solutions for simple handling tasks are easy to commission and operate with the Optimized Motion Series – and they can be mounted without adapters. These solutions for freely selectable motion in 2 dimensions, plus an optional rotary axis, are ideal for industrial robots which need to grip, position, stack, rotate, press-fit, assemble or package small parts or workpieces.

Linear gantry for high dynamics

 Optimized Motion Series: linear gantry

Toothed belt axis ELGR and electric actuator EPCO-KF can be reliably combined into a simple and dynamic 2-axis industrial robot. The toothed belt axis is capable of strokes of up to 1.5 m and speeds as great as 1.1 m/s. The electric actuator with screw actuator executes strokes of up to 400 mm.

Compact pick & place solution

 Optimized Motion Series: compact pick & place solution

The external cylinder guide can be vertically arranged with the adapter-free combination of two electric actuators EPCO-KF from the Optimized Motion Series, resulting in an extremely narrow installation profile for the system. The EPCO-KF has a maximum stroke of up to 400 mm.

Guided pick & place, large load capacity

 Optimized Motion Series: precision positioning

The adapter-free combination consisting of two electric actuators EPCO-KF assures very good repetition accuracy for motion and positioning, and is a reliable team for pick & place applications. In the case of the EPCO-KF with its maximum stroke of up to 400 mm, the external guide unit is laid out as a recirculating ball bearing guide with two guide rods.

Low-cost pick & place

 Optimized Motion Series: positioning system

With its recirculating ball bearing guide, the electric actuator EPCO-KF ensures free horizontal positioning and motion, and the cost-effective pneumatic slide DGSL contributes precision and vertical guide accuracy. As an adapter-free combination, this results in a simple, time-tested, high performance positioning system.

Precise, robust, rotary lifting solution

 Optimized Motion Series: rotary lifting solution

A simple, adapter-free combination option within the Optimized Motion Series combines the electric actuator EPCO-KF – via its integrated mounting interface – with an electrical rotary actuator ERMO. The cylinder with recirculating ball bearing guide provides for flexible linear positioning, while the robust, backlash-free bearing included in the rotary actuator is capable of absorbing large forces and torques.

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Optimized Motion Series: downloadable information

You’ll find details regarding functionality and components, as well as configuration software, application examples and complete industrial robots in this comprehensive brochure.

Optimized Motion Series (PDF)