Festo: the different departments

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The different departments at Festo

Festo is all about innovative strength in factory and process automation. We are proud that our employees contribute towards improving our customers’ production processes every day. Get to know the different areas of work where you can really make things happen with us.

Research and development


Around 2,600 patents worldwide, more than 100 new products every year, over 30,000 catalogue items in 100,000 different versions and customized solutions from body welding to the manufacturing of mobile devices and baby food bottling: Festo’s automation technology is used everywhere. On top of that, we conduct research in simulation technology, mechatronics, systems engineering, microsystems, piezo technology, sensor technology and wireless technology, together with handling technology, robotics and closed-loop control technology. And with Industry 4.0, we are making the future tangible. Bionics has also provided a number of new approaches. We learn from nature and transcribe its workings to technical applications.

What drives us? Nothing less than our wish to make automated motion sequences simpler, more efficient and more productive. To this end, we invest over eight per cent of our yearly turnover in research and development. After all, good ideas form the basis for innovation. The proof of this is the fact that we have over 1,000 project managers, knowledge and technology managers and researchers, developers, software and hardware developers and designers All over the world who contribute their knowledge and expertise every day.



Festo is not only committed to innovation, but also to its worldwide presence and a close partnership with its customers. We oversee the process from start to finish – from identifying customer needs, arranging the quotation and contract to implementing the project. Ultimately, meeting the needs of our customers involves functionality, ergonomics, smooth service, safety and energy efficiency in equal measure.



The world's largest production center of Festo is located in Suncun area in Jinan innovation zone, which is the key area for the development of intelligent manufacturing industry in Jinan.

The Suncun plant is one of the most important strategic investment of Festo. It significantly improved Festo’s supply chain in Asia and the entire world.

The Suncun plant adheres to the global unified quality standard of Festo. It has intelligent manufacturing and automatic logistic system and equipped with large amount of global top machining equipment and automatic machining and assembling technology. It provides high quality and cost-effective products to customers in China and Asia with more reliable delivery services.



We are the experts in automation technology, and we are happy to share our knowledge. Our separate business area Didactic is the leading global supplier for technical educational institutions and providers of consulting and training services for industry, organizations and governments. We design and implement training factories and programs that systematically prepare people for work in dynamic and complex industrial environments. We also operate learning centers on behalf of companies, countries and public and private institutions. We aim to maximize learning success in training institutions and to develop skills sustainably in industrial companies all around the world.

Central functions


We are innovative and productive. These core competencies are also true of our central functions, which include the departments of finance, human resources, legal, IT and marketing. Our specialists from these different field provide strategic and operational support. This ensures reliability and quality.