Frequently asked questions

Welcome to this page! You may already have some interests in this program. There are some questions which are frequently asked during last several years. We have gathered such questions together with replies for your reference.

Why Festo is willing to invest on young student?

Festo believes that people are the key to business success, therefore it is always worth to invest on future employees’ training with the aim to get qualified and engagement technical employees.

What requirements do I have to meet if I want to apply for apprenticeship in Festo Jinan?

Currently you need to first become students of either Jinan Vocational College or Shandong Yingcai University in defined majors(refer to chapter 5), then we will hold jobfair after your checking in.

When/how can I submit my application for Festo apprenticeship?

Our job fair is normally held in September after students’ registering in the two colleges. Test and interview will take place based on your application.

Do I need to pay for such training program?

Absolutely not, instead we’ll provide our apprentices with monthly allowance. But you still need to pay the tuition fee to your college accordingly.

Do I have oversea training opportunity in such apprenticeship?

Yes, currently we’ll send some of the excellent apprentices to Headquarter in Germany for training after graduation.

What will my career look like being Festo apprentices?

After your successful graduation, you’ll become formal Festo employee. And you will have advantage through the career ladder compared with other workers.

Can I contact if I have further questions?

Sure, contact us by e-mail: