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Dual system from Germany

Dual education system from Germany - Start the career from start your education

Dual education system from Germany

As the most important economy in Europe, Germany has been maintaining a strong economic momentum. The reason behind this is the strong industrial manufacturing capacity. One of the secrets to ensure the strong industrial manufacturing capacity is the "dual system" vocational education mode.

"Dual system" education is the most important part of German vocational education system. The main idea is that enterprises and markets play a leading role in vocational education and effectively solve the problem of disconnection between theoretical learning and practical skills training. At present, there are about 500,000 enterprises in Germany, including many international leading enterprises, who have invested in the dual education system.

In Germany, about 60% of young people do not go to university, but directly enter the enterprise after receiving 2-3 years of professional and standardized vocational education. Correspondingly, the unemployment rate of young people is very low.

Festo Vocational Training Program

Festo vocational training project was started on the basis of dual system from German, and is currently implemented in Jinan, and has been modified according to local conditions.

First of all, students need to join Festo's cooperative college, and then Festo will hold a job fair for students of relevant majors to have the interview. After the interview, they will sign a training contract.

Interview process of Festo apprentice:

Student enter college -- Festo job fair -- Test / interview / physical examination -- signing apprenticeship agreement

Training process of Festo apprentice:

First year: the apprentices will only stat in college to receive and complete the academic course of the year.

Second year: the apprentices will take turns at the Festo training center and the college for six and four weeks of training and academic courses.

The third year: apprentices will begin to receive practical job training.

- After the apprentice has successfully completed the training program (through all training at the Festo training center and obtained a diploma from college), Festo will provide formal Festo positions for the apprentices.