Learning platforms

Learning platforms

The global trend towards networked learning and knowledge sharing is energising the dynamics between education, innovation and economic development, as well as the development of international standards for the technology and content used in education. We're actively driving this development forward by providing digital technologies, platforms and online communities.

Learning management systems (LMS)

Learning management systems (LMS) are used to manage and organise the learning process. All the necessary features are integrated into one platform. This allows you to focus on what’s essential in the learning process: creating and assigning motivating digital training units quickly and easily while tracking the students’ progress in real time. The students are individually supported, challenged and encouraged. This is how to ensure long-term, successful learning.

Our learning management systems meet the requirements for digital learning. They provide a seamless link between the digital management of learning materials and real classroom interaction. You organise, plan learning activities, communicate, expand your learning materials and monitor individual learning progress as your students work through the learning modules.


CP community


In order to create a comprehensive learning environment,
we connect the cyber–physical community with the topic of ‘Training for Industry 4.0’.
Users of the learning environments can go onto the platform to download documentation and teaching materials for their lessons and to discuss developments about a particular topic with other teachers and researchers.

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The Festo Didactic InfoPortal supports you with technical information about our training systems. This includes details about the function, layout and commissioning of the training systems.

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Festo Learning Experience

Festo Learning Experience is the online portal for learners and teachers to access and create customized learning experiences.

It features didactic learning resources for many technical fields. Our modular concept provides learning content in small nuggets and gives you the opportunity to modify existing courses to your needs and easily add new content with our integrated WebEditor function. Providing all necessary tools to create engaging lessons, it helps educators to access and build industry-aligned content easier and quicker.

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