Electric machines and circuits

Electric machines and circuits

The learning systems for electric machines and circuits cover a wide range of different topics in detail. These include AC and DC circuits, electromechanical systems as well as motors and generators. These systems are suitable for study at technical institutes, colleges and universities.

Training solutions that are included:


Learning system for electromechanics

  • Complete training system for training electricians and electrical engineers who work with circuits and electric machines
  • Combines a modular design with computer-based data acquisition and control
  • The training is geared towards today’s needs for skills and covers the fundamentals of electricity (i.e. DC circuits), single-phase and three-phase AC circuits, transformers (single-phase and three-phase), DC devices, single-phase AC devices, asynchronous and synchronous motors and generators as well as power factor correction.
  • The system includes the specially developed four-quadrant dynamometer/power supply computer tools and the interface for data acquisition and control.

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alternating current-direct current

Learning system for AC/DC

  • Complete training package with the most common electrical components and measuring instruments (voltmeter, ammeter, ohmmeter, etc.)
  • Covers all fundamentals of DC and AC circuits in a stand-alone, complete training package
  • Packed in a sturdy roller case with telescopic handle for easy transport
  • Fault switches to improve troubleshooting skills
  • Excellent introduction to a wide range of programmes with basic knowledge of direct and alternating current – click here to download datasheet .


2 kW electromechanical learning systems

  • Unique, modular range of electric power technology in the high-performance range (2 kW)
  • Includes four learning systems that cover the various methods of power generation and use
  • Simulates high-performance machines while offering safety during experiments
  • Contains high-performance components and machines that can be combined for different configurations – specially tailored for technical or university courses

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Equipment set TP 1210: Servo brake and drive system

  • Test platform for motors and generators for various applications, from standard loads to mechanical load simulations
  • The equipment set includes a complete, flexible and convenient load and drive system in a compact housing.
  • Syllabus supports various motors and generators
  • Clear distinction between the unit under test and load
  • Practical quick-change system
  • Tested circuits are created with the reliable and flexible A4 EduTrainer. ® Modules
  • DriveLab software included – intuitive software that allows you to get started in no time


Learning system for disassembling machines

  • Practical training for the design and operation of rotating machines
  • Can be integrated into any training programme that includes industrial electrical engineering applications
  • Thanks to the simultaneous design of two different machines, electrical and mechanical characteristics can be demonstrated.

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MagTran ® learning system

  • Designed to teach the principles of magnetic circuits and the application of these principles to basic transformers
  • Suitable for a broad range of teaching programmes, from vocational colleges to universities
  • Training material includes extensive
    laboratory experiments that demonstrate the principles of magnetism and electromagnetic induction
  • Operates at 0.2 kW using standard EMS instrumentation
  • Add-on available for operating MagTran ® learning system in combination with 0.2 kW electromechanical learning systems

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0.2 kW electromechanical learning systems

  • Comprehensive approach to training in electric power technology using laboratory tests
  • Provides laboratory results that are easy to understand with data that is easy to collect
  • Four subsystems cover the most common electric machines and are available as a package containing the necessary equipment for carrying out laboratory exercises.
  • All measurements are carried out using conventional analogue meters.
  • With the detachable bell housings, the internal design can be inspected visually and the machine can be observed during operation.

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Motor winding kit

Motor winding kit

  • Conveys design methods for electric machines
  • All parts required for assembling a squirrel cage induction motor, an induction motor with a wound rotor, a three-phase synchronous machine and a split-phase capacitor starting motor are included.
  • Three types of rotors are included.
  • The complete assembly kit can be reused several times.

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