Power gen./transmission/distribution/protection

The power grid, which includes the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity as well as the protection of electricity generators, is probably one of the most important aspects of civil society, and all these form part of the utilities sector. However, the ever increasing number of workers retiring in the utilities sector is leading to a lack of competence in this industry.


Eliminate the competence deficit

To eliminate this lack of knowledge, we offer comprehensive training in the technologies that are needed to work in this industry. This covers all aspects, from the utilities sector to smart grid technologies.

Training solutions that are included:


Alternating current power transmission

  • Comprehensive introduction to the basic principles of AC power transmission lines
  • DC power circuits, single-phase AC power circuits and single-phase power transformers are also included as requirements in this field.
  • Introduction to the characteristics and behaviour of high-voltage cables for AC transmission and their voltage compensation

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DFIG principles

  • Unique training for the basic principles of the double-fed induction generator (DFIG) for students with sound knowledge of three-phase AC circuits, rotating machines and motor drives
  • Detailed coverage of the most important components and operation of double-fed induction generators
  • Practical experiments with a double-fed induction generator, which are implemented using power electronics modules and a three-phase induction device with a wound rotor

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Learning system 2 kW DFIG

  • Developed for customers who are interested in further experiments with double-fed induction generators used in wind turbines
  • Includes a four-quadrant dynamometer that can be easily connected to a computer to simulate the wind supply at the rotor of a wind turbine
  • The generator included is a variation of the existing wound-rotor induction generator whose rotor voltage is three times higher than its stator voltage
  • Also includes two IGBT choppers/
    converter modules that can convert in both directions in combination with line inductors
  • Three-phase power supply is used for connection to a standard three-phase network

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Trainer distribution transformer

  • Enables the development of competencies required for connecting single- and three-phase transformers. These transformers are comparable to those used in North American AC power grids
  • Mobile, practical trainer
  • Contains two sets of three single-phase transformers to demonstrate the configuration of three-phase transformer banks, e.g. B. Y-Y, delta-delta, closed delta-Y, closed Y-delta, open-Y, open-delta, etc.
  • Faulty troubleshooting

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Protection relays from Siemens

Comprehensive explanation of how protection relays detect and hold dangerous current, voltages, resistance or temperatures using the latest generation of modular, flexible and intelligent digital field devices from Siemens.


Learning system for smart grid technologies

  • Ready-to-use solution for smart grid technologies that are used in today’s power grids and make the grid safer and more reliable
  • Recreates real-world, complex applications that are normally found in large power stations

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Learning system 0.2 kW protection relay

  • Extends the training on protection relays, operation and calibration of individual relays and broader circuit applications
  • Practical training at system level on generator protection, transformer protection and induction motor protection
  • Contains several modules that can be divided into five groups: common electrical modules, power system modules, control station for protection relays, protection relays and additional and optional equipment

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