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Digital electronics

Digital electronics are digital signals for processing and controlling systems and subsystems. The technology is widely used in computers and microprocessor-based systems, as found in computer-aided devices and applications of all types. Knowledge of digital electronics is a prerequisite for further training in microprocessors.

As an introduction to the world of digital signal processing:

Fundamentals of digital technology

This equipment set is the ideal introduction to the world of digital signal processing. Anyone who is familiar with digital technology can quickly and easily start with any automation program language. It provides information about log operations, signal flow and data formats. The syllabus also includes structured problem-solving procedures.

Further information about this equipment set

For detailed basic training using real circuit boards:

FACET ® : a fully integrated learning system for electronics

Digital electronics is one of the four areas that make up the FACET® learning system . Sturdy circuits and the associated courseware provide detailed knowledge of digital logic, micro controllers, 32-bit microprocessors and digital signal processors.

Circuit boards are available for:

  • Fundamentals of digital logic
  • Fundamentals of digital circuits
  • 32-bit microprocessors
  • Digital signal processors
  • Micro controller system development
  • Microprocessor application boards

In the website section on this topic, you will find detailed descriptions and the training content for each board as well as information about the FACET hardware and courseware.

Networked learning for micro controller programming

Additional information about the possible applications of the FACET ® micro controller boards for controlling a typical, realistic simulation at Tec2Screen® : the traffic light crossing. Take a look at how PICMicro can be used with an exciting application in basic tuition on programming.