Industrial electronics and electrical engineering

Industrial electronics is an important area that is still growing, as industrial and manufacturing processes and equipment encompass countless electronic applications. We offer practical learning solutions that focus on conveying knowledge of control technology and power electronics, enabling qualified technicians to install, test, maintain and repair all types of electrical and electronic systems.

As an introduction to control technology:

Fundamentals of control technology

This equipment set provides an introduction to controllers and control systems. The basic terms used in control technology, the behaviour of different controllers and the structured analysis of control system requirements are of particular importance in this context.

Further information about this equipment set

For transferring detailed knowledge using real circuit boards:

FACET ® : a fully integrated learning system for electronics

Industrial electronics is one of the four areas covered by the FACET learning system. Sturdy circuits and the associated courseware provide detailed information about converters, magnetism and electromagnetism, power control circuits, motors, generators and controllers.

Circuit boards are available for:

  • Fundamentals of converters
  • Magnetism/electromagnetism
  • Motors, generators and controllers
  • Power transistors and GTO
  • thyristors
  • Fundamentals of field effect transistors
  • Thyristors and power control circuits
  • Circuits

In the website section on this topic, you will find detailed descriptions and the training content for each board as well as information about the FACET® hardware and courseware.