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Fundamentals of HVAC technology

A thorough and multifaceted introduction

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems can be found in buildings everywhere today. This means that more and more people are needed who are familiar with these systems, typically HVAC technicians. But professionals in other industries, such as building managers and construction planners, should also have basic HVAC knowledge.

Our learning systems and models, including related training courses:

Refrigeration technology system training model

Training model refrigeration technology

With this integrated learning systems, the basic functions and important components of typical refrigeration systems and heat pumps can be taught in an informative and exciting way. It illustrates the cooling stages in the cycles of the most common refrigeration system configurations.

Learning system refrigeration technology

Compact learning system for refrigeration technology

This basic learning system features a powerful data acquisition system that allows students to easily monitor operating conditions to obtain critical data in real time. In addition, simple troubleshooting and performance analyses are possible.

learning system-fundamentals-of-electricity

Learning system for the fundamentals of electricity

This learning system helps teachers convey the fundamentals of electricity and the operating mode of electric components in HVAC systems. Students learn how to connect circuits, measure electrical parameters, perform calculations and rectify malfunctions.