Learning solutions for maintenance, machines and mechanical systems from Festo Didactic

Maintenance, machines and mechanical systems

Developing essential manual skills for practical professions in industry

Despite technological advances and increasing factory automation, many tasks in industry are still carried out manually. This requires innovative, competent employees. Our practical learning solutions support the development of key skills and abilities that are required for assembling, maintaining, troubleshooting and repairing industrial systems.

When teaching skills for industry and construction, you will probably spend most of your time in the workshop providing practical tuition. We support you at many levels with:

Realistic, reliable learning platforms

The carefully designed, mobile learning hardware in the appropriate format simplifies learning and makes optimum use of space in the laboratory. The trainees work with actual tools and components and learn industrial processes as part of a really practical training programme.

Universal, transferable skills

Each system deals with a specific group of skills that employees in maintenance, machines and mechanical systems must have. With this approach, the necessary topics are focused on and covered comprehensively. The learning concept allows the acquired skills and knowledge and the methods learned to be transferred effortlessly to a number of industry segments.

Turnkey courseware for added value

The courseware includes exactly the right amount of theory and is geared towards practical, carefully planned exercises that also cover troubleshooting and safety. The illustrated step-by-step exercises promote autonomy and independent learning.

We offer learning solutions for:

Machine mechanics

Every industry sector uses a huge variety of machine designs. Their functionality depends on successful reactive and preventive maintenance, which in turn requires basic mechanical knowledge of its components and systems.

The learning solutions from Festo cover the installation of mechanical drive components such as shafts, belts, chains, gears, couplings, bearings, ball screws, seals, couplings and brakes as well as the assembly, disassembly and installation of various pumps using the relevant tools and procedures.

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Pipe and steam valves and fittings

Pipes transport water, steam, chemicals or fuel for heating, cooling and lubrication systems and other industrial processes.

The learning solutions from Festo include the reading of piping diagrams, the calculation of pipe lengths and the production, installation and testing of piping networks made from galvanised steel pipes, tubing, PVC and copper pipes. The students are taught how to select and execute test procedures for back pressure protection

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Electrical installations

Electrical distribution systems supply energy for lighting, heating, machine operation, etc. in industrial projects and buildings.

The learning solutions from Festo cover the installation of cabinets and cables, professional wiring methods and electrical distribution concepts. Students learn how to install and wire fire alarm components, including control panels, auxiliary panels, warning devices (fire detectors, heat and smoke detectors) and notification devices (including horns) and accessories.

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Lifting and moving large, heavy machines with unevenly distributed loads in a safe and efficient way is a common and fundamental task in industry.

The learning solutions from Festo cover the fundamentals of rigging, including procedures for the safe movement of machines and other loads using ropes, slings, roller systems, carriers, gantry cranes, hydraulic lifters, etc.

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