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Machine mechanics

Building capacity for preventive and reactive maintenance

Every industry sector uses a huge variety of machine designs. Assembling, operating and repairing them requires a broad range of problem-solving skills, technical knowledge as well as tools.

Space-saving workstations with full flexibility

In order to successfully support trainers when teaching industrial mechanics (mechanical engineers) and related mechanical professions, we are developing extremely modular learning platforms that cover different and changing curriculum requirements.

The accompanying courseware is carefully designed and covers a broad spectrum of practical exercises. Important topics such as troubleshooting and safety are also covered.

Beginners at vocational colleges as well as experienced employees who need to refresh their knowledge will all benefit from the wide range of learning options.

Selected learning solutions:

Learning system for mechanical drives

Learning system for mechanical drives

  • Complete introduction to the fundamentals of mechanical power transmission
  • Covers the identification, assembly and troubleshooting for common machine components
  • Dozens of assembly suggestions and new assembly options thanks to a versatile workstation

Watch a detailed presentation of the learning system for mechanical drives:

Learning system for pumps

Learning systems for pumps

  • Covers the most common pumps in the industry
  • Pump operating principles and related maintenance tasks such as pump assembly, lubrication, shaft alignment, etc.
  • Covers advanced concepts such as the effect of valve restriction, air injection and net positive suction head (NPSH) on pump efficiency, etc.