Mobile training lab

Mobile training lab

Training wherever you need it

Fully-equipped, adaptable and mobile training labs provide colleges, universities or businesses with temporary, cost-effective and flexible solutions, enabling you to offer comprehensive training for a wide range of different professions and technologies. Governments and NGOs can also benefit from flexible training solutions when essential training and retraining programmes are urgently needed.

Mobile training lab

As new technologies emerge, teaching and learning methods must also change; this means that content must be flexible and adaptable, as well as cost-effective.
Whether you want to quickly scale-up your laboratory, share training resources across multiple locations or promote a special educational project, a mobile training lab might be the perfect solution for you.

We offer mobile training laboratories that are precisely tailored to your needs. And we work with you every step of the way to ensure that your mobile classroom meets your exact educational requirements.

You can set up a specific technology in one container, or flexibly configure several containers to form a complete mobile learning lab.

Versatile and freely customisable

Mobile training lab

The modules can be used for a variety of projects and can be converted and reused once the project has been completed. The modular design of the laboratory means it can be installed on site in just one day. Moving the lab to another site is quick and easy.

The service life of the mobile training laboratory is no different from that of a conventional building. It's built according to the same high standards and is designed for long-term use.

A complete training centre consisting of individual mobile laboratories

Mobile training centre

If you want to train professionals for a specific occupation, you can even build an entire mobile training centre, with each mobile lab focusing on a particular technology.

Mobile laboratories with a variety of technologies

Multimedia and simulation

Knowledge and programming skills are taught and shared in a realistic and virtual environment

Mobile lab: multimedia and simulation

Electrical engineering, electronics and drive technology

The very first step in industrial automation training

Mobile lab: electrical engineering, electronics and drive technology

Pneumatics and hydraulics

Flexible solutions for essential technologies

Mobile lab: pneumatics and hydraulics


A professional and future-oriented way of transferring CNC knowledge

Mobile lab: CAD, CAM and CNC

Automation technology

Cross-technology training to successfully work with complex, networked systems

Mobile lab: automation technology

Industry 4.0

Training for the production processes of the future using the cyber–physical factory and the latest developments in the networked production of Industry 4.0

Mobile lab: Industry 4.0

Environmental technology and renewable energies

Modular systems for the fundamentals, installation, operation, maintenance and servicing of solar power systems and wind turbines

Mobile lab: environmental technology and renewable energies

Water technology

EDS® – Environmental Discovery System: compact system for comprehensive training in the core processes of a water and wastewater treatment plant

Mobile laboratory for training in the core processes of a water and wastewater treatment plant


Hands-on training in essential automation and mechatronics technologies, including various mechanical processing steps

Mobile lab: metalworking

Manual wood processing

Woodworking equipment for basic and further training in wood processing: wood sawing machines, woodworking machines and wood lathes, as well as manual woodworking tools

Mobile lab: manual woodworking

Automated woodworking

Woodworking equipment for basic and further training in wood processing: wood sawing machines, woodworking machines and wood lathes

Mobile lab: automated woodworking

Food processing

Engineering and scientific basis for training in food production processes: all the stages of food production processes and industrial processes can be visualised

Mobile lab: food processing