national trial

Festo supports the China national trial of WSS2022

On the November 17-19, the 46th WorldSkills Competition in Skill Industry 4.0 project is to be held at the headquarter of Festo Greater China. Five Chinese teams from Tianjin, Jiangsu, Beijing, Shandong and Shanghai participate in this round of selection and compete for the further stage of national training and trial.

In the morning of November 17, the trial started with a whistle.The Chinese teams particiated in the first round national trial for the 46th WorldSkills competition Industry 4.0 project.

During the competition, competitiors is playing in pairs, cooperating with each other. One person is responsible for the operation of a computer, another assembly equipment. Competitors will complete 5 tasks in the three days, including workstation installation, programming, debugging and running, and also production system integration with optimization, analysis and report, to process the order in the whole production of industrial automation from sales order to smart production.

When we talk about Industry 4.0, we mean the impact information and communication technologies (ICT) are having on real-time optimization and networking for efficient automation and production. This is sometimes also called the “fourth industrial revolution”. It is the role of the Digital Production Systems Technician to implement Industry 4.0 in businesses, designing and implementing systems, introducing both software and hardware, and supporting programmes, especially cybersecurity.

As the first global partner of the WorldSkills Competition in 1991, Festo has responsibility to develop the technician’s skill ability and decided in 2016, to educate innovative force in genius movement in the rapid development of new-era industries in order to answer what is the skill competition and how can we develop the skills in educational of technical schools in industry 4.0. CP Lab series of Industry 4.0 learning systems is designed by Festo Didactic. It is the best learning platform for young technician to understand and master emerging vocational technical skills. This is the reason the equipment is appointed for Skill Industry 4.0 in the WorldSkills Competition.

This small training system and research platform of industry 4.0 consists of one or more modules, including storage module, detection module, drilling module and output module. The system is to meet the challenge of smart production for the future in the course of digitalization. The whole system is managed and controlled by MES 4 software, and orders can be placed and managed according to the work plan. Single workplace and system workplace of CP Lab series offer designed to budget for single or multiple teams preparation.

As being partner of WorldSkills for 30 years, Festo will continue to support the 46th WorldSkills Competition in more releted skill competitions, except for Skill industry 4.0. Meanwhile, Festo is giving it a full support to the China national trial by providing not only the competition equipment, but also technical support, competition organization and other related work.

Over the next two days, the competitors will face a variety of tasks and challenges. Let’s wish them all the best to improve their skills, gain experience by heading for the next stage of the national competition.