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Switch Over Document_DSNU_S11 to S10 04/01/2022
RefList_DSNU_piston-standardization 04/01/2022
Declaration of conformity E-X-R 18/12/2021 Declaration of conformity

Associated products

  • ball valve unit KVZB- (8102172)
  • Butterfly valve unit KVZA- (8073655)
  • limit switch box SRBG-C1-N-20N-ZC-C2-C2-EX5 (3568167)
  • limit switch box SRBG-C1-N-20N-ZC-M12-EX5 (3568057)
  • quarter turn actuator unit KDFP-DFPD (8108611)

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Information on substances in our products Substances in our products; Compliance

Festo SE & Co KG complies with national and international laws, guidelines, standards and regulations which are applicable to our products. We constantly monitor the dynamics of legislation. This Application Note give an overview.

Product Overview
Product Overview
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