Innovation requires freedom

What makes us a unique employer 

What makes us a unique employer

Our company, with over 18,000 employees worldwide, is united by a single goal: maximising productivity and competitiveness for our customers. We are a driving force for innovation, which means that we have to take responsibility for people and resources.

As an employer, we do everything in our power to ensure that visionary ideas are transformed into reality. Are you looking for this kind of creative freedom combined with the peace of mind that comes with secure, long-term prospects? Welcome to Festo.

You can be sure that our values are represented in the way we interact and work with one another. We recognise that people are the key to the success of our holistic understanding of quality, which we cultivate both inside and outside the company. We will provide you with guidance and the chance to work creatively and innovatively.

We offer you a stable foundation

We are an independent family-owned company, now in its third generation. Our long-standing success has provided us with a secure capital base. That means stability and independence, as well as the good feeling that comes from continually investing in our common future.

A sense of security

At Festo we are always looking to the long term and think in terms of whole generations. This has traditionally given our employees a real sense of security. As such, you can hit the ground running as you contribute-sto making the work of our customers in 176 different countries easier, safer and more efficient.

We practise appreciation

Our employees enrich the company with their diverse backgrounds, perspectives. They make us successful and are an indispensable driver of innovation. We maintain our friendly culture of trust by communicating openly with each other, fostering dialogue and respecting each other as equals. You’ll soon feel right at home.

We never stop evolving

As an independent family business, we are proud to continuously add new chapters to our success story. We aspire to be a technology and market leader. That’s why we are always improving – both with our employees and because of them. They have the drive to keep on strengthening their professional knowledge and personal skills. We are keen to promote this through education and professional training measures that are highly regarded across the industry and around the world. You can accomplish great things with us. Become part of our success story – and write your own.

We innovate with inventiveness

Curiosity is our motto – and inventiveness is in our DNA. We have been designing creative and effective solutions for our customers since 1925. And to help them boost their productivity even further, we launch some 100 innovations and new products every single year.

With our Festo Didactic business unit, we are the global leader in technical training and professional development. Our innovative instructional programmes and training factories, for instance, sustainably maximise the successes achieved in educational institutions.

We give ideas free rein

We are successful because our employees have the freedom to create new things. What do we expect from you? Stay curious. Keep on learning. Try new things. Make your own decisions. Take advantage of the ample creative freedom and wide variety of development opportunities.

We are global, yet local

We are a glocal player. No, ‘glocal’ is not a misprint. We mean exactly that: we operate locally – but in a global context. After all, our 300,000 customers come from 35 different industries and 176 countries. We are present in all of those countries with more than 60 companies and 250 branch offices. We can therefore immerse ourselves in their world and understand what drives them. This also affect us as an employer. You can find out about career opportunities at our foreign subsidiaries and apply directly to them.

We take responsibility

Operating on a global scale also means taking far-reaching responsibility for our actions. As a company, we want to holistically improve quality of life and preserve resources with new technologies, insights and education. As your employer, it goes without saying that we will help you engage in lifelong learning and that we wish to promote and maintain your health. These are the keys to a long-lasting and highly effective working relationship.

An excellent employer

Festo is not only a successful company, but also an attractive employer across the globe. This is proven by regular employee surveys and good scores in external employer rankings.

Our latest accolades:

Our latest accolades