Student traineeships at Festo

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Student traineeships

The world of automation technology is a paradise for those with a thirst for knowledge: there’s plenty of scope for technophiles and lateral and unconventional thinkers. This is where theory meets practice. Take a peek behind the scenes and enhance your studies with a traineeship at Festo. You can do this in Germany or at one of our international Festo companies. We welcome prospective engineers and university students from a wide range of fields at our locations around the world.


  • Enrolment at a college or university
  • Ability to work independently and responsibly
  • A high level of commitment and the ability to grasp things quickly
  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • A high capacity for teamwork
  • Relevant language skills are required for traineeships in an international setting

Duration of traineeship

The duration of the traineeship is based on the student’s conditions of study. The maximum duration is three months for voluntary traineeships. Delving into different areas is normally not possible in this case. You should ideally apply three to six months before you want your traineeship to begin. Short-term traineeship opportunities may also be available on occasion.

Key points

We are often looking for trainees in the following areas:

  • Research
  • Development and design
  • Testing
  • Product management
  • Marketing
  • Information technology
  • Finance
  • Human resources
  • Corporate communication
  • Corporate media
  • Corporate design


  • Your chance to be right in the thick of things: integration in a team and involvement in ongoing projects
  • Space to put forward your own ideas and work independently
  • The chance to ‘try out’ which areas of work suit you best
  • The opportunity to develop your own network and exchange knowledge and experiences at regular trainee get-togethers
  • Fair compensation for the traineeship
  • The chance to continue your work as a student employee or to work on your thesis or dissertation at Festo

International traineeships

International experience is a key factor for success in the world of work. On a traineeship abroad, you soon become acquainted with different ways of thinking and working. You can benefit from intercultural exchange with colleagues from all over the world and establish your own network for your later career. Demonstrate your initiative and apply to the national Festo company that interests you, provided that you meet the following requirements:

  • Interest in working with others in an international setting
  • Good knowledge of English
  • Knowledge of the local language is an advantage
  • Other requirements arising from the area of work in question

Search Result: 30 )


Praktikum im Bereich Corporate Communication

Referencecode CC17-32074H
Germany / Esslingen


Praktikant im (Werks-)Controlling (m/w) ab Juni 2018

Referencecode PR17-22222H2
Germany / St. Ingbert-Rohrbach


Praktikum im Bereich Mechatronische Prüftechnik

Referencecode TS17-32698H
Germany / Esslingen

Praktikum Exhibition Software (m/w)

Referencecode S17-35766H1
Germany / Denkendorf

Praktikum im Bereich Systems Engineering

Referencecode SC17-32295H
Germany / Esslingen

Human Resources

Praktikant Personalmarketing (m/w)

Referencecode H17-25690H1
Germany / Esslingen

Praktikant (m/w) im Bereich Datenschutz

Referencecode H17-313283H1
Germany / Esslingen

Praktikant (m/w) Human Resources Product Supply Chain

Referencecode H17-30828H
Germany / Ostfildern-Scharnhausen

Praktikant (m/w) Talent and Organisation Development

Referencecode H17-33979H2
Germany / Esslingen

Praktikant (m/w) HR Compensation and Assignments

Referencecode H17-34382H
Germany / Esslingen

Praktikant Global Human Resources (m/w)

Referencecode H16-35842H2
Germany / Esslingen

Schülerpraktikum technisch Zeitraum: 26.02.-23.03.2018

Referencecode PR-18-Sch02H
Germany / St. Ingbert-Rohrbach

Schülerpraktikum technisch Zeitraum: 09.04.-27.04.2018

Referencecode PR-18-Sch04H
Germany / St. Ingbert-Rohrbach

Schülerpraktikum kaufmännisch 2018

Referencecode PR-18-S/kfmH
Germany / St. Ingbert-Rohrbach

Praktikant (m/w) Human Resources St. Ingbert

Referencecode H17-31200H1
Germany / St. Ingbert-Rohrbach

Rechtsreferendar (m/w) in der Wahlstation (Arbeitsrecht)

Referencecode H17-302532H
Germany / Esslingen

Schülerpraktikum kaufmännisch 2017

Referencecode PR-17-S/kfmH
Germany / St. Ingbert-Rohrbach

Information Technology

Praktikum im Informationmanagement: Dokumentationskonzept/-workflows

Referencecode IM17-33551H3
Germany / Ostfildern-Scharnhausen

Praktikum: Testmanagement im SAP Solution Manager

Referencecode IM17-33551H2
Germany / Ostfildern-Scharnhausen

Praktikum im IT Produktmanagement Collaboration Services

Referencecode IM17-310932H
Germany / Ostfildern-Scharnhausen


Praktikum im Bereich Technisches Marketing (Konstruktion)

Referencecode S17-38470H1
Germany / Esslingen

Praktikum im Bereich Marketing Process Automation

Referencecode S17-10659H
Germany / Denkendorf

Praktikum im Bereich Technisches Marketing

Referencecode S17-37036H
Germany / Esslingen


Praktikant (m/w) im Bereich Projektmanagement Neuheiten

Referencecode P17-301836H
Germany / Ostfildern-Scharnhausen


Praktikant (m/w) im Bereich E-Business und Logistik-Services DE

Referencecode S18-314549H
Germany / Esslingen

Praktikum im Bereich Projektierung Pneumatische Antriebe

Referencecode S17-00015H
Germany / Esslingen

Praktikum im Bereich Projektierung Sensorik und Verbindungstechnik Vertrieb DE

Referencecode S17-00014H
Germany / Esslingen

Praktikum im Bereich Konstruktion Vertrieb DE

Referencecode S17-00013H
Germany / Esslingen

Praktikant (m/w) für Projektierung Ventile/Ventilinseln

Referencecode S17-00012H
Germany / Esslingen

Strategy Development

Praktikum im Bereich Process Design Product Supply

Referencecode P17-311806H1
Germany / Esslingen