Much more than just a sideline

Working students at Festo 

Working students at Festo

Insights into the day-to-day operations of the business, practical experience within a department and valuable contacts for your later career – a job at Festo as a working student is much more than a nice little wage-earner on the side. What’s more, to make sure that your studies and work with us are compatible, you can have your working hours arranged in a flexible way, in consultation with your department.


  • Enrolment at a technical college or university
  • Initial experience through a traineeship related to your area of study
  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Ability to work independently and responsibly
  • A high level of commitment and the ability to grasp things quickly
  • A high capacity for teamwork


  • Practical experience and insights into the day-to-day operations of the business
  • Valuable contacts for your future career
  • Attractive remuneration
  • Flexible and individually tailored working hours

Key points

We are often looking for student employees in the following areas:

  • Product management
  • Development
  • Sales
  • Corporate communication
  • Corporate media

Job Offers ( 6 )


Festo AG&Co. KG

Werkstudent E-Learning und Multimedia (m/w/d) - published: 2020-03-23Werkstudent E-Learning und Multimedia (m/w/d)2020-03-23Maschinenbau

Referencecode BD-PFT20WSE
Germany / Denkendorf / Baden-Wuerttemberg73770

Festo AG&Co. KG

Werkstudent UX-Design (m/w/d) - published: 2020-03-10Werkstudent UX-Design (m/w/d)2020-03-10Maschinenbau

Referencecode BD-PDS20WSE
Germany / Denkendorf / Baden-Wuerttemberg73770

Festo AG&Co. KG

Werkstudent Continuous Integration - Buildserver (m/w/d) - published: 2019-10-28Werkstudent Continuous Integration - Buildserver (m/w/d)2019-10-28Maschinenbau

Referencecode BC19-320632H1
Germany / Esslingen / Baden-Wuerttemberg73734


Festo AG&Co. KG

Werkstudent Corporate Taxes (m/w/d) - published: 2020-02-20Werkstudent Corporate Taxes (m/w/d)2020-02-20Maschinenbau

Referencecode F20-37090H
Germany / Esslingen / Baden-Wuerttemberg73734


Festo AG&Co. KG

Werkstudent Marketing (m/w/d) - published: 2020-03-10Werkstudent Marketing (m/w/d)2020-03-10Maschinenbau

Referencecode BD-EK20E
Germany / Denkendorf / Baden-Wuerttemberg73770

Product Management

Festo AG&Co. KG

Werkstudent Produktmanagement (m/w/d) - published: 2020-03-12Werkstudent Produktmanagement (m/w/d)2020-03-12Maschinenbau

Referencecode BD-PFP20WSE
Germany / Denkendorf / Baden-Wuerttemberg73770