Careers in software development

For keen and creative computer scientists 

Careers in software development

As an excellent software developer, you are in demand everywhere. But where can your work impact entire industries? Make it happen with us! An effective synergy between superb engineering skills and outstanding software development forms the foundation for our success. Gripping or welding technology for car manufacture, packaging plants in the food industry or high-precision machines for pharmaceutical production – the result is always smart and intuitive thanks to our software, electronics and IT architecture. This is the perfect environment for keen computer scientists.

Software developers at the House of Software

Does computer science run through your very veins? Are you always pushing boundaries and wanting to try out something new? Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an entry-level newcomer, you can advance your career through our ‘House of Software’. This is the focus of our computer science expertise and where we coordinate all of Festo’s software development and develop the framework for our future software components.

That’s your job

You develop essential software for high-tech automation. You devise and develop software architecture for system solutions. You define and develop software platforms, tools and solutions for modular products. You implement integration and testing strategies.

What we want from you

You have a degree in computer science, electrical engineering or mathematics. You have a comprehensive knowledge of functional and object-oriented programming languages. You are able to contribute your applicable experience in developing programming languages and have a good overview of new technology, methods and trends in software development. In essence, you are always at the cutting edge.

Software developers in automation technology

Clear guidelines, sound processes, a reliable results framework and clear structures: Festo offers nothing less than inbuilt dependability. You are bound to feel comfortable in this environment. It’s all about engineering software, embedded software and process automation – and invariably about a wide range of customer-specific solutions. You will work alongside engineers and technicians as equals. This requires assertiveness, a structured approach and the ability to manage interfaces actively. Whether you join us as an entry-level newcomer or a specialist with lots of professional experience, at Festo, you don’t give up control over applications you have developed; you accompany them throughout the entire development process.

That’s your job 

You develop project-specific software and embedded software. Depending on the project, you may be involved in design, simulation, calculation, implementation or supervision of series production stages. You see yourself as the key contact for all things relating to engineering. You have responsibility for technical documentation.

What we want from you 

You have a degree in electrical engineering, computer engineering, communications engineering or mechatronics and have solid experience of object-oriented software development through the development of embedded software and in analogue and digital technology. You are proficient in C, C++, software and firmware development for microcontrollers and PLC controls, and have an in-depth knowledge of operating systems and software and an innate understanding of hardware and software. You excel in process and object-oriented thinking and feel quite at home with versatile structures. You have a lot of ingenuity, commitment and implementation skills to offer. In essence, you always find a way to achieve an appropriate solution.

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Junior Softwareentwickler (m/w) Java mit Schwerpunkt Hybris

Referenzcode TD17-314620H
Germany / Ostfildern-Scharnhausen

Entwickler Software Engineering Process Automation (m/w)

Referenzcode BA17-15051H2
Germany / Denkendorf

Softwareingenieur Funktionsbausteine (m/w)

Referenzcode BE17_311958H
Germany / Esslingen

Softwareentwickler (m/w) Web/Cloud mit Schwerpunkt Backend

Referenzcode TD17-314486H
Germany / Esslingen

Softwareentwickler (m/w) Web/Cloud mit Schwerpunkt Frontend

Referenzcode TD17-314487H
Germany / Esslingen

Softwareentwickler für Handlingssysteme/Robotik (m/w)

Referenzcode BE17-430H
Germany / Esslingen

Entwickler Engineering Software C# und WPF (m/w)

Referenzcode BE17-314269H3
Germany / Esslingen

Entwickler Embedded Software und Regelungstechnik (m/w)

Referenzcode BE17-33788H
Germany / Esslingen

Entwickler Engineering Software Digitalisierung

Referenzcode BE17-312535H
Germany / Esslingen

Entwicklungsingenieur mit Schwerpunkt Elektronik u. Software (m/w)

Referenzcode BM17-314271H
Germany / Esslingen

Entwicklungsingenieur Embedded Software - Motoransteuerung (m/w)

Referenzcode BE17-36669H
Germany / Esslingen

Fachexperte (m/w) Software Configuration Management

Referenzcode TD17-314488H
Germany / Esslingen

UI / UX Designer im Festo Creative Team (m/w)

Referenzcode TD17-36623H4
Germany / Esslingen