Mixed reality

Mixed reality

When the virtual and real worlds merge ....

If you wear glasses, you see better. If you wear AR or VR glasses, you see more. Augmented and virtual reality enhance the environment by adding computer-assisted content, thus merging the real and virtual worlds. Augmented and virtual reality technologies offer a new way of looking at everyday life and the learning and working worlds of today and tomorrow.

Virtual reality

‘Learning by doing’
Increase comprehension and retention of knowledge with a VR simulator.
Training in a VR environment is very realistic, and allows mistakes to be made without exposing anyone to real dangers. These experiences are invaluable in everyday work and real life.

VR simulator

VR simulator for wastewater treatment plants

Festo Didactic and EON Reality Inc. have teamed up to create a virtual reality simulation that recreates typical scenarios in a wastewater treatment plant.

By using virtual reality, you can simulate situations that can normally only be set up with great effort and expense, or would even be life-threatening or hazardous to the environment or system components.

Malfunctions and situations such as power failures, accidents and incidents can be neither simulated nor taught during day-to-day operations. In such events, it's important that qualified employees react quickly, safely and correctly to prevent major damage (materials/costs). The VR environment is ideal for situations that are difficult or even impossible to simulate in real life, allowing students to learn/take action without any consequences.

Further learning solutions for environmental technology and renewable energy sources.


Virtual reality with CIROS®

With the comprehensive CIROS® simulation environment, you can create a virtual replica of the CP learning factory and its modules. By using virtual reality, students can move around the factory in 3D, familiarising themselves with the environment and completing tasks in the virtual world. Thanks to the integrated system approach, the virtual reality solution has a complete MES® connection and thus also an ERP interface (SAP4school). For location-independent learning!

CIROS® VR is available as a free, pre-installed plug-in for all CIROS® 6 licences, both for CIROS® Education and CIROS® Studio. Use CIROS® to supplement existing learning systems or as a stand-alone training program for completely virtual training sessions.

Learn more about CIROS VR®!

Augmented reality (AR)

Augmented reality allows the user to see the real world as well as additional virtual information. To experience and view the virtual layer, users need a smartphone, tablet, head-up display, holographic system or augmented reality glasses. AR technology is perfect for providing students with additional information and thus enhancing the learning process in the real world.

AR app

The AR app from Festo Didactic

The Festo Didactic augmented reality app supports you in commissioning your mechatronic training system. Use your tablet or smart phone to explore your learning system with augmented reality. With the help of special markers for individual training system modules, you can access additional information such as datasheets, documentation as well as videos of the production process. The AR app intuitively displays the layout, the control interface and the steps that need to be followed to commission the training system. Develop your own AR scenarios according to your requirements, and integrate them into the AR app.

Download the Festo Didactic AR app here!

Virtual learning

Virtual learning

Virtual basic and further training for real success.

Virtual learning transforms learning processes into realistic learning experiences. This enhances students' understanding of technical systems. They immerse themselves in a virtual world where they can work independently on learning projects and content, learn together with others and actively and systematically acquire knowledge.

Virtual learning and mixed reality – make the learning experience:

  • Exciting
  • Realistic
  • Effective
  • Lasting