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The world’s leading supplier of automation technology and technical education

Established in 1925, Festo is an independent family-owned company based in Esslingen a.N., Germany. Festo business in China began in 1985. It entered China in 1993 and established Festo (China) Co., Ltd. and settled in Jinqiao Industrial Park, Pudong, Shanghai. At present, there are 1 global production center, 1 technology R&D center, 5 customer experience centers, more than 200 sales offices and authorized dealer outlets and 3 regional distribution centers in Greater China. Festo provides pneumatic and electric technologies and comprehensive solutions for factory automation and process automation in China, mainly serving the automotive, electronic and light assembly industries, food and beverage packaging, water/wastewater treatment and biotechnology/pharmaceutical industries. At the same time, Festo Didactic (Teaching and training department) provides industrial training solutions for more than 1000 enterprises and institutions, universities, vocational colleges and training bases in Greater China, from laboratory construction to curriculum system construction, and can provide qualification certification and employment guidance to our trainees. At present, the company has about 2100 employees in Greater China.

Festo develops deeply in China market

  • 1985, the Festo training center was set up in Tongji University, which made an indissoluble bond with China.
  • 1993, Festo (China) Co., Ltd. was established and officially entered the Chinese market.
  • 2001, the Asia Pacific Technology Center was established to develop local products.
  • 2007, Jinan Huaneng pneumatic components Co., Ltd. was acquired and Festo Automation Co., Ltd. was established to expand product localization production capacity.
  • 2009, Festo China became the largest subsidiary outside Germany, and China's market strategic position has become increasingly prominent.
  • 2012, Jinan Huaneng was upgraded and integrated to become a part of Festo global production network.
  • 2013, the Asia Pacific Technology Center was expanded to become a technology R&D center with comprehensive R&D capability that can serve the global market.
  • 2016, Festo Shanghai experience center was established. Festo customer experience center integrates the functions of test, experiment and training. It develops and tests application solutions with local customers to explore the future of industry 4.0 and automation..
  • At the end of 2016, Festo group launched the Jinan global production center project to invest in the establishment of a new factory in Suncun area of Jinan. After the completion of the project, it covers an area of 430,000 square meters. After completion, Jinan global production center will become Festo largest factory in the world.
  • 2017, Festo Beijing experience center was established.
  • 2018, Festo Shenzhen and Chengdu experience centers were established.
  • 2019, Festo experience center was established in Taipei.
  • 2019, phase 1a of Jinan global production center will be officially put into operation.
  • 2019, the Asia Pacific Logistics Center project will start. The Asia Pacific Logistics Center project plans to build a 42,000 square meter plant on the existing land, which will greatly improve the supply chain operation ability of products in the Asia Pacific region and serve the fast-growing Greater China market..

Festo Jinan Global Production Center (GPC) provides reliable delivery and service for customers in Greater China

Festo Jinan global production center, located in Jinan high-tech zone in Shandong province, is one of the most important strategic investments of Festo group. It will be the largest production center of Festo in the world and adheres to Festo global quality standard. It adopts the top machine tools and automatic processing and assembly technology, as well as intelligent manufacturing and automatic logistics system to provide customers in China and Asia with high-quality and cost-effective products with more reliable delivery services.

Jinan global production center will include production center, logistics center, training center, laboratory, intelligent manufacturing platform, office building, etc. The construction of GPC Jinan is currently moving smoothly, and the first phase of the project has been put into operation in 2019.

Festo Technology Engineering Center (TEC) creates value for customers through innovation and close collaboration

In order to meet the growing market demand in greater China, and to provide customized products and services that fit with customers' applications, Festo established the Technology Engineering center in Shanghai in 2001 and expanded it in 2013 to become a center with comprehensive research and development capabilities that can serve the global market.

The center is led by a professional research and development team composed of hundreds of product engineer. Based on the global test equipment and standards, it serves Festo subsidiaries and production center in Asia Pacific for professional new product development and technical support. Besides, it also offers customized product and regional customer solution for growing customers in Asia Pacific, which is truly "Local for Local".

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Looking into the future, Festo Experience Center (FEC) turns creative ideas into reality

Festo Experience Centre (FEC) set test, experiment, demonstration and training functions in one. It provides you an industrial environment supported by Festo pneumatic, electric equipment and technicians. The applications displayed here range from automotive, light assembly and electronic, food and beverage packaging, life science to water and process treatment. We have not only the strong automation solution capability, but also an automation laboratory for test and innovation. By 2019, Festo has established five experience centers in greater China, they are located in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Taipei.

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Quality is our life

Festo strives for all-round enterprise quality and works hand in hand with our customers and partners inside and outside. Quality is an important competitive advantage for us. In order to improve customer satisfaction and truly and timely monitor the quality, or if you have any questions about products and service quality, please call (02)2601-9281. Our relevant department will deal with it at the first time.

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