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Trade fairs and events

Every year, you will find Festo at many trade fairs around the world. Find out here about the latest trends in automation in the world of factory and process automation as well as technical education.

International trade fairs 2020


SPS - Smart Production Solutions
24 - 26 November 2020
Exhibition centre in Nürnberg, Germany

Previous trade fairs and events

2019 China International Industry Fair

Date: September, 17-21
Location: National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

With three core concepts of Innovation, Value and Reliability under the theme of “Innovation creates value”, Festo displayed the efficient and personalized production system of Productivity Master in the field of electric drive and efficient solutions integrating pneumatic and electric techniques; Innovative pneumatic and electric products and solutions applying energy-saving module APP of Festo motion terminal (VTEM) for the AMI, ELA, F&P, LifeTech and other industries; The automation platform CPX-AP-I seamlessly connecting automation system and industrial IoT gateway. Superconductor technology SupraDrive, BionicSoftArm and BionicSoftHand were the stars of interaction for many visitors.

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2019 World Robot Conference

Date: August, 20-25
Location: Beijing Etrong International Exhibition & Convention Center

Themed “Intelligent Ecosystem for a New Open Era”, Festo showcased SmartBird Bird flight and the water perspective, AquaJellies 2.0. The audience can experience the Bionics4Education of Festo Didactic. In addition, Festo will display the latest digital products and solutions, such as digital product walls, pneumatic technology motion terminal (VTEM) for digitalization, and energy-saving services.

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2019 Shanghai International Automotive Manufacturing Technology & Material Show

Date: July, 3-6
Location: Shanghai New International Expo Center

The theme of 2019 Festo booth is the application of digitalization in flexible manufacturing and the optimized solution for productivity improvement. The self-adaptive servo-pneumatic balancer YHBP provides a safe and high-performance drive solution that allows an operator to move heavy loads with ease; The clamping cylinder CTLF is widely used in the welding and clamping process. It has a smart and durable performance property which ensures reliable operation of customer production; Festo's motion terminal CPX/VTEM achieves cylinder acceleration, positioning and flexible control by motion positioning APP to meet the flexible requirements of digititalized production in automotive industry.

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2019 ProPak

Date: June, 19-21
Location: National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

Festo displayed the following highlight products during the exhibition: Multi-Carrier-System is based on users‘ individual production needs and flexible configuration of production line supply, providing efficient and flexible solutions for innovative enterprises, thereby enhancing the market competitiveness of customers in the process of digital transformation and the packaging process through APP-controlled Festo digital control terminal VTEM with Intelligent Manufacturing and Industry 4.0's digital transformation mission.

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2019 Productronica China

Date: March, 20-22
Location: Shanghai New International Expo Center

With the theme of “Digitalization”, Festo demonstrated the most popular products on Festo booth were new economical and efficient electronic products, such as ELGC and EGSC, which received the widespread attention and the interests from customers. Besides, Internet of Things-cloud will be another popular concept for our further developing products to be designed in a new generation.

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